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The Database of Houses is a continuing effort to list every country house built in Britain and Ireland, standing or demolished. The Database is updated daily and currently lists over 7,200 houses. This undertaking will compile as many details as can be found about the houses, families who occupied them, and their estates, in a standardized format. (If you'd like to know what a country house is, click here!)

For the purposes of this Database, a country house is generally defined as a manor house, or larger, built since approximately 1500 A.D.  At some point in its history the house was the country seat of a landed family that had or has an estate (agricultural land) that served as the center for local community life and may have included a park, village, or other supporting acreage.

Generally, the houses included have a minimum of five bays, though some smaller houses, lodges, villas, and follies are also included.  In addition, a small percentage of the total are townhouses, ancient castles (in some cases castles were converted from defensive buildings to country houses), outbuildings, and gardens; all of these are usually included because of associations with a country house or a landed family and are noted with a checkbox attached to the record that states "Not a Country House."

Click here to view a sample record.

If you'd like to see our guide to the proper (British) pronunciation of house names, click here.

This Database is a work-in-progress.  Many, many houses listed require much more information before their records can be considered representative.  A work of such broad scope inevitably entails errors and omissions; we welcome your suggestions, corrections, or additions.  Click Here to Email Us

If you're planning on visiting a house, always call before starting out on your journey.  Some houses are open only by appointment or have very limited hours.

For more detailed information about the accessibility of houses open to the public, we recommend Hudson's Historic Houses & Gardens, Castles and Heritage Sites. Hudson's is the most comprehensive and informative publication available on the subject.

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